Weibo social media platform

I am well versed in social media and have accounts on several platforms. I am on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and WordPress. Out of all these social media platforms, I am only active on Facebook, though I do not post any status updates and rarely interact publicly. I use my social media to catch up with friends and to see what others are up to. It is kind of one sided, but my personality doesn’t really fit with constant status updates or uploading hundreds of pictures from trips or experiences.

Because of my familiarity with blogging apps, I decided to look at Weibo; a microblogging app. This is similar to my experiences with Tumblr and WordPress. I have worked with making themes and plugins for WordPress and am familiar with its purposes. WordPress allows a user to host a blog on a free or payed domain. It is a complex PHP platform that stores content for use on a website. The main feature of WordPress is to create a blog, but anyone can use it as a basic content management system (CMS) for a multipage website.

On first impression of Weibo, it doesn’t look like a blogging app at all. Being a microblog platform, it looks as thought people are posting blogs similar to lengths of Facebook status updates but maybe a little larger. In terms of presentation and format, the layout and user pages look a lot like Twitter. It is also more than just looks, Weibo is a Twitter equivalent with blogging attributes.

In a typical blogging application, users tend to post long and dense content with a lot of background and knowledge. On Weibo, it seems that users take the longer character count opportunity to make more meaningful updates. This is very different from Twitter which limits users to surface interaction and updates (short content). Weibo looks to be extending the ideas of Twitter but limiting the density of content to create the “microblogging” atmosphere.

Andrew Sherman, IMS 416


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