Usability test on video project

Last class we had classmates review our multimedia projects and provide feedback. I made a video of me making a “Cake in a cup”. The video was 5 min long and the setting was my kitchen. I came up with some questions and got great initial results with my classmates. I have room for improvement and will be updating my original video.

Before watching the video I prompted just a few questions to get my audience thinking. I didn’t want to be influential, but context seemed helpful. I told my group that I was making a baking video and my goals was for people to learn or do what I do in the video (bake a “Cake in a cup”). I also mentioned just a little background on cupcakes for context into my videos history, but that was the extent of my pre screening questions and context.

During the video, I was looking at my audience faces to gauge reaction. I was also watching and listening to my video myself and even noticed some areas of improvement. Showing my film to others made me more aware of each detail and aspect of my video. I quickly noticed some audio issues and even missing content/information about my topic. I took note myself and then moved on to the post video questions.

My post video questions where simple, did you learn anything, could you reproduce the “Cake in a cup”, and what was unclear or can be improved. Luckily I am not far from a finished copy. My group members suggested I use my face and give a brief intro to my video before filming me baking (all shots of my hands and ingredients). They also liked my audio solution to dub over with my own separate audio recording. Otherwise they enjoyed the video and learned exactly what I wanted.

In the end I learned a lot and am ready to move on to the next draft of my video. I will be adding the intro, fixing the audio, adding images and other visuals, and inputing more content and history about cupcakes.

This should not be too hard too do, it wont take long at all either. It might take a couple hours but the tasks are not that hard. If I can get good takes on the first try with the video and audio then it will only take me about 30 min to film and then hopefully 30-40 min to edit it together. I am very excited about getting this video done; videography has always been a hobby.



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