Week 3 post

Over the course of five days I experienced another cultures news source by reading the Vanguard; Nigerian press and news. Bellow are the stories I read and my thoughts after reading them.

Day 1

TechCoscharis, Huawei bring online UPS to Nigerian market

I think it is very cool that they are discussing global topics in a local setting. The global south is continuing to grow and these advancements, although something not new to the developed world, is still a massive improvement and important information. I enjoy reading about innovation in developing countries.Business  FG to train 370, 000 artisans in 2016

I did not know much about this topic when I clicked on the link; the Federal Government wants to train artisans. After reading it over I find the information very fascinating. I do not know if I would read about this information again however I do not regret reading this story. I think the accomplishments and training to improve Nigeria are awesome and I wouldn’t mind reading more about it in the future.

Day 2

Sports — Cash crunch hits Lagos marathon

This story caught my attention because my Dad runs marathons. In our local community he is on a committee that holds some races and a half marathon. I have heard of some of the struggles and stories involved with setting up an event or race and I find this story from Nigeria very informative. The topic is not very uplifting, a race is low on funds, but the writer presents the facts without blaming or bashing either side. I learned a lot and noticed some parallels with stories I have heard about local events.

PoliticsWhy people think Buhari is witch-hunting Jonathan — Momoh

This story seems to be an interview or Q&A with Momoh Abubakar. I have read stories in this format before but the answers being given seem to have more information or description of the situation. There are some seemingly difficult questions related to rifts in relationships or secret motives for seat positions but the context of how Momoh answers seems fairly neutral.

Day 3

EntertainmentWould you forgive your best friend who slept with your spouse?

This is a very interesting story with a format I have not seen before. The author sets the stage of a story that seems real then turns it into a learning opportunity. Several actors, singers, and producers are asked to weigh in on how they would handle the scandalous situation. Their responses are brief, but it is an interesting take on a known story (people cheating on each other).

StyleQueenSylvia Akuchie: transforming her passion for fashion to wealth

All the information is in the first paragraph and addresses everything mentioned in the title. The format is not necessarily an interview but there is a short Q&A part after some bio information on this up and coming stylist.

Day 4

TechMicrosoft delivers promise of Windows 10 in new Lumia devices

On a personal note, I find it interesting to read about product releases in another country. I am a tech person and have read about releases and products in America, which would include sample info of what countries would be receiving the product next. I thought that the phrasing and information for another countries product release updates would be different but they are very similar to what I have experienced. Most stereotypes I have heard of say that product companies play favorites with America, but that didn’t seem true and doesn’t after reading this article.

EditorialFacing down the Zika virus challenge

Living in the 21st century I have not experienced a large epidemic or have not been in a local area that has experienced one (swin flue, H1-N1, etc). Doing some background research, the Zika virus originated in Nigera and other parts of Africa and Asia. Being so local I can only imagine how a writer needs to phrase what is said but the author seems to do a good job of just staying factual. There is some opinion on Nigera and how they will respond, also some comparison to previous problems such as ebola.

Day 5

TechCcHUB growth capital to invest N1bn on scale up tech start-ups 

Nigeria seems to be going through a technical revolution. There are quotes in this article mentioning smarter public service to connect more citizens. This is all centered around funding for start ups in Nigeria. It is very cool to hear about the tech boom in Nigeria.

SportsIheanacho loses City award to Aguero

This article is an interesting style of digestible content. There is a short news update on who was chosen as “Etihad player of the month January 2016.” The author gets straight to the point and gives some small detail along with the update. A very refreshing ready, I got all the info needed, and it took very little time.

I enjoyed looking at another cultures news and press. Nigeria seems like a very interesting place with advances and development happening all the time. I would be interested in reading more about their start up environment in the future.

Andrew Sherman, week 3, IMS 416


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